The library/reading area takes up the whole west side of the 3rd floor of the hotel. The temperment of the area depends on how it is being used at the time....quiet for reading, napping and writing, or interactive with people visiting and sharing stories.  It is a great place to hang out when the weather gets stormy or to watch a sunset or look for whale spouts.

We do not allow cell phones to be used here!  Laptops are ok, however, we do not have Wi-fi  available for guests.   We do have a kitty, Shelly,who wanders through looking for a good chair or a lap to share.

There are lots of small couches and large chairs to relax in.  There is a wood burning fireplace at the south end with several chairs and a couch  .

The loft area above has a large table to do puzzles or to write.  There are bean bag chairs  and some comfortable reading chairs to read in while you look out at the beach and the Nye Beach area.  Lots and lots of old books which are not shelved properly, the more fun to browse through.

There is a coffee room with a large table and lots of puzzles & games.  You can snack while working on either, or while creating on your laptop.  Good place to chat and close the door.  We have coffee  and tea readily available.  Hot Spice Wine is served after dinner.

This area is always open, however, if you find you are the last person up, please be sure to turn out the lights when you go to bed.